Image00061Please call the Veterinary Medical Center at (315) 446-7933 if you have an emergency.

Things You Should Always Have on Hand

  • Saline eye wash
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Some lubricant (petroleum jelly)
  • A carrier for small dogs and cats
  • Oral Syringe or Turkey Baster
  • Clean gauze and Bandage material
  • Digital Thermometer (normal temperature=100.5-102.5)
  • A carrier for smaller dogs and for cats

Poison Control Numbers

Pet Poison Helpline: 1-800-213-6680 – per case charge of $35.00

ASPCA Poison Control Center: 1-888-426-4435- Per case charge of $55.00

North Shore Animal League Poison Hotline: 1-888-232-8870- per case charge of $55.00