Chittenango Animal Hospital Train and Play

Chittenango Animal Hospital wants you to have the best possible relationship with your new puppy. Puppy play and allowing to be handled for exams doesn’t come naturally to every puppy and there is a limited time frame to teach them it is okay to meet new people and new items. Socialization means teaching your puppy to get along with the world in a way that doesn’t frighten them. We are here to help your puppy get started the right way by teaching you how to socialize them to proper play with people and other pets, as well as novel items such as costumes, noises, or environmental changes. We also help you to solve problem behaviors like puppy mouthing, chewing, jumping, or counter surfing.

Behavior problems are the number one reason nationwide for dogs or puppies to be relinquished or re-homed. Our licensed technician and certified dog trainer will show you how to avoid problem behaviors and help your puppy become a happy and well behaved member of your family.